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Find Cost-Effective Septic Tank Services in Innisfil

With 3 decades of experience pumping septic tanks in Innisfil and the surrounding areas, we are truly a specialist in the industry. Innisfil Disposal is the community’s reliable and reputable name.

Maintain Proper Functioning with Regular Cleaning
Just as you protect your vehicle against costly repairs, your septic system needs regular maintenance to function properly. We can help you get years of worry-free service from your tank with simple, routine pumping and inspections. We provide the following services and products, including:

 Residential and Commercial Septic Tank Pumping
 Maintenance Plans
 Riser Lids
 Effluent Filter Systems
 Environmentally Safe Disposal
 Drain Repairs
 Pump Installations
 Holding Tanks
 Inspections / Consultations
 Improvements & Repairs

Maintenance Plan

Innisfil Disposal Offers Maintenance Plans for Worry-Free Operation

Innisfil Disposal Innisfil Disposal is pleased to offer a maintenance service plan to help you enjoy years of worry-free service from your septic system. We will protect your system with inspections and pumping on the agreed-upon schedule. You will never have to call us again to get your tank pumped.

We Follow Ministry of the Environment Regulations
You can rest assured that we follow Ministry of the Environment regulations on everything we do. We know you have a busy life and are happy to give you one less thing to worry about. Let Innisfil Disposal take care of your waste management and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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Riser Lids

Find Septic Tank Riser Lids from Innisfil Disposal

Innisfil Disposal Septic tank riser lids from Innisfil Disposal are a simple and convenient way to upgrade your older septic system. If you have a new system, chances are you already have this extension that allows access to your tank at ground level.

When you purchase a septic tank riser lid from Innisfil Disposal, you no longer have to dig up your lawn in order to perform regularly scheduled pumping. You also don’t have to spend time trying to locate the underground tank. Our riser lids eliminate the stress of locating your tank while keeping your yard beautiful.

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Effluent Filter Systems

Keep Your System Safe with Effluent Filters from Innisfil Disposal

Innisfil Disposal Protect your septic system from premature aging and possible failure with a septic tank effluent filter. These filters are required on all units installed since 2008 and will effectively keep harmful solids inside the tank where they belong.

Our specialized technicians will find the exact filter required for your waste management needs and increase the life of your system. Call today to inquire about your filter and keep unwanted solids out of your drain field.

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Additional Services

Innisfil Disposal Offers a Range of Valuable Septic Services

image While Innisfil Disposal specializes in septic tank pumping, we offer a range of products and services to help you get the most out of your system. Ask us about our products that can be used to help your system in certain circumstances. Our experienced professionals will find the right additives and treatments you need. Leave it to the experts!

Reliable Septic System Repairs and Improvements With over 30 years of experience, we are experts in the field and can help you with any necessary improvements or repairs. If you need to install a new system, consult with us first!

Innisfil Disposal offers regular septic tank pumping for residential and commercial clients along with the following:

 Regularly scheduled or one-time inspections
 Referrals for new installations
 Improvements like riser lids and effluent filters

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